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NBA on the radio. With the NBA basketball playoffs around the corner, the temperature all around the basketball world is getting hotter. At you can listen to NBA Basketball radio and follow all results live as well as listen to matches of the current gameday.

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Season 2022/2023


Thursday 06/08/2023

NBA Playoffs 2023: How to Catch the Action on Radio

The NBA Playoffs 2023 have arrived, and the excitement is reaching fever pitch as the biggest NBA stars take to the court for a chance at the coveted NBA Championship. The postseason is where legends are born and stars become all time greats. From thrilling performances to breathtaking moments, the postseason promises to be unforgettable. Don’t miss a single second of the action with our schedule and selected radio stations covering the games.

Top NBA Stars and the biggest storylines in the 2023 Playoffs:

LeBron James - The King continues to lead the charge for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers turned their season around after the all star break claiming the 7th seed. James shows no signs of slowing down, as he vies for yet another championship ring to add to his already legendary career. Will he raise the Larry O’Brian trophy once more? Or will father time finally catch up with Bron, the all time leading scorer?

Giannis Antetokounmpo - How will the Greek Freak respond this offseason? The Milwaukee Bucks suffered a rare upset in the first round. Is this roster with a healthy Chris Middleton enough to reach the finals next year? Will there be a new coach to maximize the potential of Giannis? With his unmatched athleticism and skill set, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the court.

Will the champions repeat? Or is the Golden State Warriors Dynasty over? Stephen Curry - The sharpshooter from the Dubs is looking to turn up the volume, after a relatively quiet regular season. Can his unparalleled shooting range and playmaking ability reign supreme in the Playoffs once again? Or will the Warriors flame out with all the inconsistency that plagued their season?

Kevin Durant - KD is back in action for the revamped Phoenix Suns. Will the blockbuster trade finally bring the Suns and the aging Point God Chris Paul to the promised land? As one of the best scorers in the league, Durant's presence on the court can turn the tide of any game in an instant. But the Suns gave up a lot of depth to create a big four, that should in theory score with anyone.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Kahwi Leonard are looking for redemption after another postseason exit with untimely injuries. Without the rehabbing Paul George the Los Angeles Clippers put on a good fight, but could not make it to the next round. The other squad from Los Angeles is always ready to grind out a win. With coach Tyronn Lue finding ways to adapt to all challenges ahead.

Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia Sixers are looking to take the leap to the finals. The duo of Embiid and James Harden found a groove and claimed the third seed in the loaded Eastern Conference. Can the big man take the next step? Will he recover from his injury in time? And will James Harden silence his critics, or will he be silenced by the big stakes?

The Boston Celtics young core is wise and battle proven way beyond their young age. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown gained another year of experience and the roster can build on consistency a year after reaching the finals.

Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets secured the no. 1 seed in the Western Conference with their all around game. The offense is clicking, the defense is competent and all the role players know exactly what is asked of them. It is never a bad position to be in, if your All NBA center is suffering from MVP fatigue. The Denver Nuggets are looking to finally reach the top and start a dynasty of their own.

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat pulled off the upset, after going through the play-in tournament. Jimmy Buckets is always ready to give his team a fighting chance. Will we see more heroics and buzzer beaters on the way to the finals? Or will the injury hampered Heat fizzle out in the east?

Listen to the NBA Playoffs on the Radio:

Do you have season tickets for your local team? Good for you! Enjoy a great time at the arena. If you cannot afford to buy tickets to every game got you covered. We gathered all the relevant radio stations in one place. You can simply listen to all the games wherever you are with online radio. We checked which local Radio Stations are the official broadcast partner of your favorite NBA team. These stations typically provide live play-by-play coverage and expert analysis for every game of the playoffs. ESPN Radio and its affiliates is also a great way to follow the biggest games and all the news surrounding the NBA Playoffs with expert analysis and entertaining commentary from former players that have been through Playoff battles on their own.