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FM4 Interview Podcast

FM4 Interview Podcast

Podcast FM4 Interview Podcast
Podcast FM4 Interview Podcast

FM4 Interview Podcast


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  • FM4 Interview with Madeline di Nonno from the Geena Davis Institute
    Do you ever go into a toy store and get the distinct feeling that it is fact TWO stores, one that is bright pink and fluffy and the other is dedicated to little cars and predominantly male action heroes? Lego wants to change that. The world-famous and much-loved toy manufacturer has announced it will work to remove gender stereotypes from its toys after a global survey the company commissioned found attitudes to play and future careers remain unequal and restrictive. Riem Higazi spoke to Madeline Di Nonno, the chief executive of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, who conducted the research. She spoke to her about the origins of the institute founded by the Oscar winning actress plus Riem asked Madeline about the whole LEGO situation.
  • FM4 Interview mit Sexarbeiterin und Pornoproduzentin Candy Flip
    „Candy Flip“ was born to be a hooker. That's according to the young Berliner. In fact, after finishing her master’s degree, Candy said farewell to the mundane, tame life and henceforth made her money as an Escort, Sub Domina and porn performer. Her sex work is a way for her to reclaim agency in a patriarchal system and a comparatively pleasurable way of making a living. FM4’s Gersin Livia Paya met Candy Flip during her visit at the porn film festival in Vienna recently.
  • FM4 Interview with Parquet Courts
    “Sympathy For Life” heißt das neue Album der Rockband Parquet Courts aus New York City. Mit Sound-Zitaten aus dem Post-Punk, Psychedelic-Rock und Funk und Themen wie Gentrifizierung, Gewalt, aber auch „Spaß in der City“ zeichnet die Band rund um Sänger Andrew Savage ein Sittenbild von der Stadt, die scheinbar niemals schläft. Christian Lehner im Gespräch mit Parquet Courts.
  • FM4 Interview mit Jürgen Pettinger, Autor von "Franz: Schwul unterm Hakenkreuz"
    Der Journalist und Autor Jürgen Pettinger hat aus einer historischen Recherche einen Roman gemacht, der das kurze Leben von Franz Doms erzählt, der 1944 als Homosexueller von der NS Justiz zum Tode verurteilt und hingerichtet wurde. Er war erst 21 Jahre alt. Martin Pieper hat mit Jürgen Pettinger über sein Buch und die blinden Flecken in der historischen Aufarbeitung der Verfolgung von Homosexuellen während der Nazizeit gesprochen.
  • FM4 Interview with Human Rights and Environmental Activist Dr. Kumi Naidoo
    Kumi Naidoo has spent his life fighting for human rights and climate justice. In 1987 had to flee his native South Africa as a 22 year old because he was wanted by police for his role in fighting the racist Apartheid regime. He went on the head both Greenpeace International and Amnesty International. Kumi Naidoo tells Chris Cummins why we should listen to the Fridays For Future activists, particularly those from the global south. And why his experience with Apartheid showed him that peaceful civil disobedience might be the only way to ensure change but violence never is.

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FM4 Interview Podcast

FM4 Interview Podcast

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