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The Media Show

The Media Show

Podcast The Media Show
Podcast The Media Show

The Media Show


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  • Gary Lineker: presenter, influencer, campaigner
    His TV audience is in the millions. His new game show launches soon on ITV. He has over 8 million followers on Twitter. And he wasn’t too bad at football either. So how did Gary Lineker become a media powerhouse? From Des Lynham's presenting tips to the effect of TV rights deals on football, Lineker tracks his transition from superstar player to Saturday night TV host. But does he ever worry his social media posts could damage the BBC's reputation for impartiality? Studio engineer: Sue Maillot Producer: Hannah Sander Presenter: Ros Atkins
  • Reporting Afghanistan
    The world is waiting nervously to see what kind of Afghanistan emerges. A power struggle has broken out among Taliban leaders. But much of the Western media seems to have lost interest - right at the crucial moment. So what story are they missing? And why can't some Western news outlets deal with a story as complicated as Afghanistan? Guests: Clarissa Ward, Chief International Correspondent at CNN; Sana Safi, Journalist at BBC Pashtu; Alex Shephard, Staff Writer at The New Republic; Saad Mohseni, Chief Executive of Moby Group, including Tolo News; Secunder Kermani, BBC Pakistan and Afghanistan Correspondent. Studio engineer: Duncan Hannant Producer: Hannah Sander Presenter: Ros Atkins
  • 'TV has failed disabled people. Utterly and totally'
    Jack Thorne is the acclaimed screenwriter behind episodes of His Dark Materials, Shameless and Skins. In this year's MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival he set out why he believes the industry has failed disabled people "utterly and totally". Ros Atkins and guests discuss. Also in the programme, David Elstein, former Channel 5 CEO, sets out his case for the privatisation of Channel 4. Guests: Jack Thorne, screenwriter, Bryony Arnold, Co-Director of Deaf & Disabled People in TV, Cherylee Houston, actor and founder of the Disabled Artists Networking Community, Deborah Williams, executive director of the Creative Diversity Network, and David Elstein, former Channel 5 CEO. Producer: Emma Wallace Presenter: Ros Atkins
  • Making the news "less London"
    To tell the story of the UK more fairly and more equitably there need to be more reporting voices outside London - that seems to be the journalistic mood of the moment. The BBC in March announced plans to shift focus from the capital in a “commitment to better reflect, represent, and serve all parts of the country". When GB News launched, it promised to “reach out to non-metropolitan audiences beyond London and engage them in our national conversation". So what does it mean to have a "non-metropolitan" bias? Guests: Lorna Willis, CEO of Archant, Nick Mitchell, Editor of NationalWorld, Ifan Morgan Jones, founder of Nation.Cymru, and Shazia Ali, The People’s Newsroom Producer: Emma Wallace Presenter: Julian Worricker
  • The Great British Nostalgia Trip
    Welcome to the era of the reboot. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen doing up people’s living rooms, Ruby Wax interviewing Hollywood stars. New versions of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Blankety Blank, Sex and the City. So why are there so many rebooted formats? Is it because the 90s and 00s were the real golden age of TV after all? Or is competition for viewers now so fierce that commissioners need trusted hits from yesteryear? Guests: Ruby Wax, broadcaster and writer; Clive Tulloh, Executive Producer of When Ruby Wax Met..., Layla Smith, Head of Objective Media Group; Mark Sammon, Executive Producer of Changing Rooms. Studio engineer: Nigel Dix Producer: Hannah Sander Presenter: Julian Worricker

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