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Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week

Podcast Comedy of the Week
Podcast Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week


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  • Njambi McGrath: Becoming Njambi
    Kenyan-born comedian Njambi McGrath goes on a challenging journey of self-discovery, as she traces the roots of her upbringing and the British influences that shaped her life. In this episode, Njambi explores the history of British colonisation of her home country and how it directly impacted her father's life, and subsequently her own. Njambi shares the story of meeting her husband, starting a family and moving to the UK and becoming the talk of the town. Produced by Julia Sutherland A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4
  • Just a Minute
    Sue Perkins hosts the return of Radio 4’s longest running panel show, Just a Minute. This episode was produced using remote recording technology, with the audience joining from their homes all over the world. Caroline Barlow blows the whistle. Devised by Ian Messiter Produced by Hayley Sterling A BBC Studios Production
  • The Birthday Cake Game
    A brand new comedic quiz hosted by Richard Osman that poses one simple question - do you know how old people are? Part quiz show, part panel show, and sometimes part chat show - The Birthday Cake Game is always play-along and full of entertaining guesses, with some surprising take home facts. The trio joining Richard this week, battling to prove they're the best at working out ages and to take home the coveted birthday cake, are Nadia Shireen, Simon Evans and Ingrid Oliver. Tune in to find out who comes out on top and see if you can beat the players and score higher at home. Production Manager: Ellie Threlfall Production Executive: Gemma Whitford Producer: Tamara Gilder A Remarkable production for BBC Radio 4
  • My Teenage Diary
    Rufus Hound's guest is the comedian Ken Cheng, who reads from the diary he kept in 2004. Ken talks about his school days, growing up on the internet and what it was like to be a nerd before the days when nerds were cool. A Talkback production for BBC Radio 4
  • Darren Harriot - Red Label
    Stand-up comedian Darren Harriott examines why he's in his thirties and has never been in love, and the perils of modern dating. Having previously examined gangs, family and being a bouncer, Darren realised that he is in his early thirties and he's never been in love. But why can that be? Is it him, or is there more to it? In this episode, Darren looks for answers by looking at his youth, and the relationships he grew up around. Be it his family, the characters on TV, or the early 90s RnB in his record collection; all these portrayals of love have shaped the relationships he's had. Written and Performed by Darren Harriott Therapist played by Mali Ann Rees Producer: Gwyn Rhys Davies Production Co-ordinator: Caroline Barlow Sound Editor: Marc Willcox A BBC Studios Production

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